One of the most important aspects of a wedding reception is the wedding music. By far my favorite entertainment as far as wedding music is concerned is a good wedding band. A good friend of mine from high school plays the drums in a wedding band and I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform twice. Looking up and seeing the musical instruments and the musicians with their electric guitars, bass guitars and other musical instruments makes the wedding music being performed more of a show than just a source of music.

I think everyone, old and young, like to watch a wedding band perform. Instead of hearing music that you hear every day over the radio, you get to hear the band's interpretation of many of these songs which can often be quite different from the popular version you are used to.

Even people that don't care to dance have something entertaining to do. Watching the wedding band perform is as entertaining as listening to them play. I personally like to watch the drums. Both my high school crush and my husband play the drums, so I obviously have a penchant for drums. I also admit to enjoying watching the lead singer, who usually plays the electric guitar too. The bass player can be interesting, but I have found that the bass guitar players generally step back and let the lead singer grab the spotlight.

I remember one quite memorable band that supplied wedding music for a reception that I attended. They had almost every musical instrument you could ask for in a band. Not only did they have electric guitar, bass guitar and drums, they also had a whole horn section and the largest collection of amps and other accessories that I had ever seen a band bring to an event. It was by far the best wedding music I have ever heard. Unlike other bands, the lead singer just sang and another musician played the electric guitar. The bass guitarist was very young but obviously very accomplished. There were so many people on stage that you had to strain to see the drums, but you could hear him loud and clear. This band was amazing. Not only was the band accomplished on their musical instruments, but they were all around entertainers that made sure that their wedding music coerced the crowd onto the dance floor.

If you are searching for your own wedding music for your reception, consider a wedding band. There are many different kinds of bands out there and you are sure to find the type of wedding music you would like to hear at your wedding reception.




A. Professional DJ Service - The music of Your choice for dancing, Rock, Disco, Swing, Whatever makes the party Rock!
B. High energy live acoustic act.



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  • Dear Mitch: I want to take the time to thank you for making our wedding so special. I have received so many compliments regarding your vocals and DJing. We could not have asked for a better night of dancing. Everyone had a blast! Thank you. Paternal
  • Dear Mitch: We cannot thank you enough for helping to give us a beautiful wedding service. You did a fantastic job and everything was how we had hoped it would be. We received many compliments on the music. You had everybody on the dance floor all night long. We could not have asked for anything else. Thank you again! Love Erynne and Jeff Thank you Mitch! You rocked the HOUSE! Steph and Leo
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  • Dear Mitch: Thank you very much for the great job you did providing the music both at Church and at the ________ for my daughter Erica's? 6/23 wedding. You were great. Your experience was evident, as well as your professionalism. Thanks. Agnes

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